A Whisper of Moths is a young-adult romantic fantasy *loose* retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It features...

  • A diverse regency-ish world
  • Enemies to lovers with inconvenient magical bonds
  • A heroine who doesn't trust
  • A hero who can't be trusted
  • A loyal rifthound (part dog, part fox, all sass)
  • Complicated sisters
  • Magic tied to contracts
  • A whodunit with a stolen book
  • Murder
  • Dusty magic shop and gilded ministry vibes 


If there’s one thing 16-year-old clairvoyant Zaea Hart can predict with certainty, it's that her magic will betray her. It already did when it showed her a gruesome vision of her father murdering his magic-forged kindred, his Bonded. She would sign away her rights to magic completely if it wasn’t her only hope of saving the family business—a Guild-sanctioned magic shop specializing in rare books. With her father taken into Guild custody, and her mother overwhelmed trying to keep their family afloat, it’s up to Zaea to figure out why he did it and save the shop from the same fate.

The Guild’s investigator, Castian Darc, is surprisingly young, irreverent, and has strange views on his employer. Zaea’s best efforts to sabotage his investigation are thwarted when her magic betrays her yet again and links with his, revealing the rare compatibility needed to Bond. While vexing, their connection provides Zaea with what she needs: access to the Guild and her father’s file. But each time their magic entwines, Zaea teeters closer to exposing the evidence that could destroy her, and risks losing a little more of her heart.

Then a theft of one of the shop’s rare spell books provides a connection to the murder—and the dangerous forces at play. As Zaea and Castian close in on the truth, Zaea begins to question everything she knows about her family, her own magic, and even Castian. For the truth is darker than she ever imagined, and could cost her the shop, half her magic, and all of her heart.

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