A Whisper of Moths is a young-adult romantic fantasy reimagining of Pride and Prejudice. It features...

  • A diverse regency-inspired world
  • Enemies to lovers with inconvenient magical bonds
  • A heroine who doesn't trust
  • A hero who can't be trusted
  • A loyal rifthound (part dog, part fox, all sass)
  • Complicated sisters
  • Magic tied to contracts
  • A whodunit with a stolen book
  • Murder
  • Dusty magic shop and gilded ministry vibes 


Sixteen-year-old Zaea Hart dreams of one day running her family’s bookshop—an idyllic life spent tending fantastical grimoires and spells woven by generations of Harts before her—but she’s never wanted the burden of magic herself. When her power finally awakens, it brings a gruesome vision of her father murdering his Bonded, his magically bound soulmate. Through the vision, Zaea is the only witness. It’s a secret she intends to take to her grave. If the truth got out, it would cost her family everything: their tenuous social standing, and even their beloved bookshop. 

The Guild sends Castian Darc—surprisingly young, infuriatingly scrupulous, and an alleged Bonded expert—to investigate what happened. Zaea is certain she can outmaneuver him, until her unruly magic betrays her again. When their hands brush at exactly the wrong moment, Zaea’s magic entwines with Castian’s and sucks them back into her blood-soaked vision. Her secret exposed, Zaea is left with the last thing she ever wanted: an unshakeable link to the very man who could ruin her. But Castian has secrets of his own, and he’s less interested in justice than how Papa did what should be impossible. He offers her a deal: use their shared magic to uncover the truth, and he won’t arrest her for interfering with his investigation.

Suspicious of Castian but desperate for answers, Zaea reluctantly agrees. But when they uncover a dark bargain set to claim a member of the Hart family on the night of the solstice, their search for answers becomes a desperate race against time to piece together the clues in Zaea’s vision—and stop the rest of it from coming true. With the solstice looming, Zaea must learn to trust Castian and her own uncertain power to save her family, her freedom, and her heart.

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