“There are ghosts in your palace. Thousands of them, if I were to guess. Were they all your brothers?”

I wrapped my finger around a piece of quilt.“Ten thousand.”

He let out a low whistle. 

“And Ravi, he’s…?”

I wrung the blanket, turning my fingertip white. “He’s my twin.”

Meet Young Adult Fantasy Author Christine L. Arnold

Christine is a writer of young adult fantasy novels. She is currently seeking representation for WHERE ALL THE MISSING PIECES GO, a YA fantasy about a girl who loses her voice, vision, and memories when she's tricked into painting the stars, and must find them before they disappear to the sky with the stars that stole them. Her work in progress, WISHING ON ELEPHANTS, is a loose retelling of the Indian myth of the Ganga. Click the Writing link to learn more about her projects.

-Excerpt from Wishing on Elephants

Christine L. Arnold    Young Adult Fantasy Author