Christine L. Arnold    Young Adult Fantasy Author

-Excerpt from Wishing on Elephants

Christine is a writer of young adult fantasy novels. She is currently editing WISHING ON ELEPHANTS, a YA fantasy inspired by of the Hindu story of Ganga (the goddess of the Ganges River), while writing NJEDRA, a high fantasy set in a world that persecutes those gifted with the ability to sense emotions. Click the Writing link to learn more about her projects.

Meet Young Adult Fantasy Author Christine L. Arnold

​I inhaled deeply, searching the air for a glimmer of that world. Some small sign that it hadn’t faded completely. When I concentrated hard enough, I thought I recognized a trill of laughter, or a whiff of orchid floating past on the breeze. Phantoms, ghosts of a memory. That world was dead. It had shriveled with the drought, and while my curse lingered, it would never return.