Christine L. Arnold    Young Adult Fantasy Author

Sisters of Autumn

Work in progress. Not a retelling, but a story with Red Riding Hood motifs, where Red is the deadliest sister of the Sisters of Autumn, a group of skilled female assassins, and the "wolf" is a rival lord and his men.

Wishing on Elephants

​Princess Jaya is a kalakara, someone gifted with the ability to create magic through art. For her, this gift is the source of every shadow pervading her life. After the gods cursed her for abusing her magic, she vowed she’d never use her songs to ensnare minds again. But the curse still ravaged her world. Because of it, her kingdom is suffering a crippling drought, her father has gone mad, and the one hundred souls of her slaughtered brothers wander the palace, haunting her every move. In a few days, she’s marrying Prince Gaurav, a man she doesn’t trust, because her hand was the only thing she had left to barter to feed her starving people.

But when she learns Gaurav’s true motives for the wedding involve using her powers to conquer kingdoms, she’s forced to make an impossible choice. Endanger her people’s lives by breaking the engagement and risking war, or bend to Gaurav’s will and perform her songs, betraying her sacred vow. 

Where All the Missing Pieces Go

Needing a place to crash, down-and-out Jane finds refuge in a sorceress's castle. But that refuge doesn’t come without a price. To earn her keep, Madame Grandosia asks Jane to paint the stars. The ritual steals a piece of Jane each time she performs it, creating living, breathing stars creatures that take the shape of glimmering nymphs.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time this has happened. The sorceress has an entire room of artwork created by her past victims, and she siphons magic off the pieces to prolong her life. Leo, Madame Grandosia’s young apprentice, is bound to her until he can find away to reclaim the piece of himself that she stole. And Jane’s stars are the key to all of it.

​There’s just one problem. The stars are fading, returning to the cold, lonely night sky. And once they do, the pieces of Jane will be lost forever. She’ll never be whole again, and neither will the wizard. So with his help, she races across Gael to save her stars before it’s too late. But she’s not the only one hunting them. Madame Grandosia thirsts for their magic, and she’ll stop at nothing until they’re hers.

Pride and Potions

Work in progress. A retelling of Pride and Prejudice set along the coast of modern-day New Hampshire about competing magic shops.


Currently writing. A high fantasy set in a world that persecutes Njedra, those gifted with the ability to sense emotions. For Lady Fia Gaza, it's a curse that overturns her world and makes her a pariah among a court of lies and secrets. But when a killer begins targeting her friends, she's the only one with the power to save them.