The Quiet Curse is a young-adult romantic fantasy novel featuring:

  • Chronic illness
  • Cottagecore / witchcore vibes
  • Story magic & monsters
  • Botched bounty hunting
Young Adult Fantasy Author

  Status: work in progress

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The Quiet Curse

Seventeen-year-old Carling Offwold wants only one thing—her freedom. She pledged ten years of her life and career to the Master Storyteller and recently-unseated high councilor Dewlac in exchange for training to use her gift to make—almost—any story come true. Car’s studies now complete, ten years feels like forever to wait to start her life. So when she learns of the generous Storytellers tournament prize being offered at this year’s autumn faire, she sees a shortcut to her debt-free life. That is, if Dewlac will allow her to go, and if she can win.

But when Kellen Sage, Dewlac’s most arrogant indebted student, runs away to compete in the tournament against Dewlac’s orders, Dewlac offers Car a rare deal. Find Kell and bring him home before he reaches the faire and Dewlac will consider her debt settled. It’s a sure thing, when winning the tournament is not. Only, trapping Kell will be no easy task. He’s one of the quiet ones, a Storyteller able to weave his magic without needing to speak the words aloud. And when Car catches up to him, he curses her with a debilitating stomach illness.

But instead of leaving her behind to succumb to the elements or be eaten by wolves, Kell brings her with him to the palace, where his rare gift has earned him a special invitation to appear before the high council at court—and access to specialized healers for Car. Only, at court, nothing is as it seems. Not Kell’s invitation, not Car’s curse, not even Dewlac’s fall from grace. To unravel a sinister plot and make it out alive, Car and Kell will have to join together. For words have power, and not all stories are meant to be told.